New Media Vigilantes. And Hypocrites.

I don’t hate the present-time Japanese for the slaughtering of over 23 million of my people from the dark period of 1930s to 1940s in World War 2. While I am disappointed, I hold no qualms against Japan’s insincere apology over an estimated 200,000 Chinese and Korean women forced into wartime sex slavery. You don’t apologise for the use of wartime sex slaves, and then stop short of acknowledging that they were forced into the deed by the Japanese military.

What the hell were you thinking? That these 200,000 women wanted to spread their legs willingly and eagerly to your soldiers? I wish you saved the half-fucked apology. You never have the balls to admit to what you have done, do you?

I mean it when I say I don’t hate the Japanese of today. It would be quite hypocritical if I do. I appreciate my Sony Ericsson (ok, so it’s half Japanese) mobile phone. I adore Canon‘s digital cameras. I don’t comprehend the Hello Kitty pose for each photograph, or vending machines dispensing soiled panties, but I can live with that as long as I get my Yaki Udon each time at a Japanese restaurant.

What is the point of being angry, or staying angry, at people who have absolutely nothing to do with the brutality? Most of them weren’t even born during the reign of Emperor Hirohito. Whether you like to hear this or not, they are as innocent as you and I.

You may have heard of the three morally handicapped British tourists who mocked Mr Lee Shee Lam, a 67-year-old trishaw driver for not being able to pedal fast enough, and subsequently, were dumb enough to post a video of their disgusting behaviour on YouTube. The rapidly escalating firestorm of comments from viewers worldwide proved too stressful for one of the trio who posted the video, 26-year-old Bo Davis, and the video has since been taken down.

Thankfully, the video was put back on YouTube by a certain fella called UK BASTARDS. Here’s the video, in case you have yet to view it.

Apparently, the whole hate affair started from a post from a local blogger, DK, a 27-year-old analyst programmer. The anger has since spread like a virus with subsequent blog posts from other bloggers, over 123,000 views and 3000 angry comments on the re-post video itself. The influence of citizen journalism has never been more greater. Media owners who have covered the internet furore include AsiaOne, The New Paper, omy, and even Britain’s national mainstream newpapers, The Daily Mail and The Guardian.

What does it tell you? Don’t fuck with the new media vigilantes.

Citizen journalism is fueled in part by a disaffection, one of which is often endowed with more wit than wisdom. And because they are independent journalists not governed by any corporate-funded organisation, it appears inevitable that feverishly contributed posts drip more of personal biasness than objectivity. I should know, I am guilty as charged.

While I understand why our net-savvy nation is upset with the abusive treatment towards Mr Lee, there are just-as-abusive comments hurled that disturb me. 3 swines for Britons do not, a country of Englishmen make. Just because we have 3 British assholes who mistreated an old man do not constitute to why we should hate all Britons. Hence, a comment like FUCK THE UK! is just plain stupid. At the same time, that dumbass, Bo Davis, should realise that it’s not about race (he reportedly said, If it were three Asian guys and not three white guys. Would it have got the same reaction?). Fellow blogger James Chia sums up how I feel with this quote:

It was not a problem about nationality or race. It was a matter of compassion and respect for someone as elderly as Mr Lee. If they think we Singaporeans are targeting them because they are whites, I suggest they leave our shores forever. We do not need tourists who do not even show decent respect for our people.

His post is the most objectively-written piece I have across amongst the one too many emotional entries in this free-for-all domain. I don’t understand why one would curse the trio Faggots, Gays, Homosexuals and allthingsgay. Have you not seen their ugly fucked faces? Sorry to disappoint you darling, but we Faggots happen be fairly well-groomed and too civilised to partake in such barbaric amateur video documentary. We have award-winning film directors, just to prove that point. And while you can be hypocritical enough to be angry by the trio’s disrespect for Mr Lee, and yet think it is alright to disrespect homosexuals, you’re probably the same person bitching about the Japanese while raving about a Mitsubishi Evo X. How different are you from the trio, I wonder.


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