Pat Law Comes Out

LOTL International October 2007

Read about my coming story in this month’s edition of LOTL International. My column, The P Spot, has thankfully survived its first month since birth. Here’s an extract from the column.

My mum is your typical Chinese mother with treasured traditional values that weave together like the threads of her Cheong Sum. Born into a life of post-war poverty and suffering, I, the supposed representation of her success as a Chinese woman, could not bear to break her heart by revealing my sexual orientation. My coming out moment was as accidental as my birth (dad didn’t have a condom at his peak of euphoria). If my emotions were not fluctuating like the NASDAQ, I’d imagine still being that heterosexual daughter of hers who strangely happens to prefer GQ to Vogue magazine.

The P Spot

Unfortunately, like how you need to pay $11.00 for an issue of GQ, you will need to pay to enjoy the lesbian juices (haha) LOTL International has to offer. Fortunately, it costs just US$30.00 for a 12-month subscription or US$50.00 for a 24-month subscription. That’s like, half the cost of of my Calvin Klein bra. Or a night of partying at Zouk. Or a week of cigarettes. You get the picture.

A free preview (you bloody cheapskate) of the publication is now available here. Sign up today and be half a bra-less, have a healthier liver, and smoke less. Why not, really?


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