Night & Day

Gallery on 4th Level  Gallery on 4th Level

Our heads tilted upwards, admiring the peeling ceiling of crisp sickly-green pieces of nostalgia begging to be peeled off. The inaugural collection of twelve artists for Le monde est à nous premiered by Xin & AnnGee graced the bare walls of the gallery on the 4th level. It wasn’t that the works weren’t great, but we were overwhelmed with the deliberate choice to preserve the 1950s Art Deco building by the Ong Brothers.

1950s Art Deco Building by the Ong Brothers

Unlike some conservatory projects I know, where only the exterior of a fallen hero is preserved whilst the interior gets disgustingly bastardized with modern big names, what’s unique of this hybrid space of a chillout bar and an art gallery is the authenticity preserved for both its exterior and interior. We have Randy Chan, the architect behind the building’s refurbishment and co-owner of this beauty, to thank. Randy was also the main architect and interior designer for the critically lauded restoration and development of St James Power Station.

The Bar on 2nd Level
The Bar on 2nd Level

Located at 139 Selegie Road, right after Peace Center, Night & Day offers an integrated space for the showcase of new graphic art works and an adobe for post-work alcoholics like me. Raw, unpretentious and bleeding of such history, I think I’ve found a place I want to drown my whymyclientsoirritating sorrows at.

Kelley & Randy

My friend Kelley, Randy’s other half in Night & Day, had invited me previously to its opening. It was just unfortunate that the opening coincided with my trip to London. Nevertheless, I’m glad I made it down on Friday alongside with my girlfriend. It’s almost surreal to realize that we share the same appreciation for washed out mosaic tiles, faded wood planks, tired looking walls and of course, peeling ceilings. I can imagine how our home will look like.

Swing by some time.

139 A/C Selegie Road
T: +65.6884.5523

Bar Opening Hours
Daily 6pm – 12am

Gallery Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday 12pm – 7pm
(after opening hours by appointment only)

For press enquires, contact:

Curator: Kelley Cheng
T: +65.9685.6511


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