So What Did You Do In London?

Simple pleasures of life never mind the dreadful, gloomy weather. Still, it wasn’t perfect without my girlfriend around. From 16 to 27 August 2007, this is what I did.

1. Relax at Ramsden Road SW12

A place I consider home.

Ramsden Road, a place I know like the back of my hand.
Ramsden Road

The McGuires were on their way back from Cornwall when I arrived. Being a complete whack at cooking, I helped myself to the char siew paus I had brought into London for my aunt and relaxed in the garden.
Lunch in the garden

Is it me or does the algae splattered in the mid-section of the tree look like a deformed clit?
AJ's tree

Ramsden Road

2. Reconciled with a friend I was once close to
It’s been over 5 years since W and I last hung out as friends. Glad we met up at long last.

We met at Gipsy Moth for a cider (her) and a pint (me). Had to enter by the rear. Heh.
Gipsy Moth

Beer Garden By The Rear

I’m taller than her, if you include the height of my hair.
Pat Is Taller

We roamed about Greenwich Market, a place for antique and vintage lovers. Too bad we were too preoccupied drinking. The Market was almost closed by the time we got there.
Outside Greenwich Market

Found a store with a stupid name, next to Greenwich National Rail.


3. Brought the boys out to Camden Market
I doubt I’ll ever get sick of Camden Market. Packed with endless shops selling just about anything and everything from arts (I got my art prints there) to gothic/punk clothes to food and tattoos, it’s just such a unique experience. Oh, watch out for the oceans of emo punk kids who favour the market too.

Dom, Fergs and I
Just the 3 of us

Camden Lock
Camden Lock

Walking down the streets

Keep Walking

The boys got tired after a while…


So we headed to Nandos, a chain that’s famous for their peri-peri chicken.

Nandos Menu

Notice the caps on the 2 bottles of sauces… Bored Dom decided to shove one of the caps into the bottle. We left as soon as we could.
Future CK Model


No ladies, lay your bloody hands off my cousin.

4. Viewed the masterpieces of the one man that could turn me straight: Salvador Dali
Probably the highlight of my trip. I made it to visit Tate Modern this time, and viewed its most spectacular exhibition held ever, featuring my all-time favourite artist, Salvador Dali. The collection featured was stunning; The Persistence of Memory and the flaccid head on stilts of Sleep. It also includes his classic films L’Age d’or and Un Chien andalou, made with fellow surrealist Luis Bunuel and featuring the infamous image of an eye being cut by a razor. I almost teared when I saw Sleep for the first time.

Dali at Tate Modern

5. Flashed the finger in front of 200 people
I was with Fergs watching a street performer strutted his stuff at Covent Market (really boring, don’t bother visiting). The street performer must have had a thing for Asians, for I was singled out to be an unwilling volunteer, alongside with 3 others victims. We were to mimic his actions and as he lifted up his shirt when it was my turn, I automatically flashed him my finger. And no, I failed to remember that there were over 200 people, kids included, in the audience. Fergs was really proud of me though. And going by the thundering applause from the audience, I don’t think they mind neither.

The last photo I took before I was spotted by the street performer

6. Chilled out with friends at Candy Bar
Opened in 1996, Candy Bar is the one girl’s bar any lesbian tourist should patronise. It was only natural for me to visit this institution, and I had the honour of both my ex-colleague, J, who now works in a reputable ad agency in London, and W, to come along with me. In spite of the pole dancers, who stripped every bit of of cloth off and flashed their pussies in our faces, it was pretty boring. Likewise to the local lesbian scene, where every lesbian kept to her own clan, the same could be said for Candy Bar that night. We nearly fell asleep.

Candy Bar

Candy Bar

Candy Bar

Candy Bar

Candy Bar

Candy Bar

7. Returned to UK’s biggest gay city, Brighton (1 out of 4’s a homosexual)
Home to Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim, Brighton’s one quaint camp town you must visit.

Brighton Pier
Brighton Pier

W has sunglasses bigger than my bra.
Brighton Pier

Life feels like a Carousel ride.

Baby, I wish you were here with me.
Baby, I wish you were here with me

Brighton’s a pebble beach


Whelks! A Must-try from the seafood stores along the beach

Met up with Alistair, my ex-colleague whom I was working with in Vietnam. He has since moved back to Brighton, and lives 5 minutes away from Brighton Pier. Damn it.
Alistair and I

8. Celebrated my birthday with my family
It pays to have a brilliant chef cum event planner for an aunt.

Crabmeat for starters

Us girls
Us girls

Them girls with my dear chef in the middle
Them girls

I love my aunt
AJ and I

I love my uncle too
Uncle Edmund and I

Jas gets some Pat-lovin’. Poor girl.
Jas and I

Up yours, baby.
Dom and I

Happy Birthday to K, W and I!
Happy Birthday

I think we were wasted by the time this photograph was taken…
Happy Wasted Family

The grandmother I should have: Dulce Maria
Dulce Maria

Mila and I, attempting the Tango with little success.
Mila and I

The only one dog Jas isn’t afraid of


Well, that’s pretty much sums up what I’ve done in London (and Brighton, of course). As much as I’ve enjoyed myself with my family in London, as I always have, it is great to be back home… Back home in the arms of the one I truly love (oh so sue me for being sappy).

Home is where the heart is.

I never understood that sentence until now.


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