The Perfect Lady

If Brussels was a lady, it is likely I’ll fall head over heels for her. Her silence coos such eloquence gently into your ears, quite unlike the head-throbbing never ending clamor and grunts of New York City. Too nonchalant to dress up like Paris, she doesn’t try to attract you desperately, but you will be smitten by her allure anyway.

Haute couture chocolates from chocolatier Pierre Marcolini promise to overwhelm your senses with a brief moment of nirvana for however long the chocolate could stay in your mouth. Thirst-quenching Belgium beers like my favourite, Duvel, pour down the streets as generously as rain is to London. Freshly caught delicacies of the ocean are served in a popular standing-only café known only to the locals called Mer du Nord, shrewdly tucked 5 minutes’ walk away from the heavily polluted tourist attraction – Grand Place.

I have been extremely fortunate to enjoy the unbelievably warm hospitality of my aunt and uncle’s family in Brussels. I adored Brussels for I have managed to get under her skin, and surely this will be quite impossible, if I have not had the company of locals. With no intention to sound crude here, her mussels were absolutely delicious. I believe I’ve had nicked 100 mussels alongside with 3 bowls of escargots soup (warning: these from Mer du Nord are dangerously addictive), 2 ice-cream cones, 2 pints of Duvel and 2 glasses of 1999 red wine from the family’s vineyard… all in one day, all by myself.

Yes, I have gotten fat. Enjoy these photographs while I go grab myself another Duvel before I hit the sack. My apologies for the poor quality of these photographs. My camera’s battery went flat and I had to resort to the use of my phone’s camera.

Patrick & Minouches’ House

Entrance with trees by the sides to greet each visitor
Entrance to Patrick & Minouches' House


I’m utterly embarrassed that all the kids half my age golf, and I don’t. Not even on Playstation.
Golf anyone?

The beautiful garden reveals itself from the patio.
Patrick & Minouches' garden

Steps that leads from the patio to the garden

Wine by the patio with the family.
Tina by the patio

Edmund by the patio

Astrid by the patio

Judy and Rois by the patio

The Stunning House We Lived In
Minouches’ parents were away on a vacation and we stayed in their gorgeous house. I have never seen hedges more manicured than a Gucci-loving ad girl like these before.

The driveway.

Left entrance to the garden

Little quaint garden on the right

View from the sink

This photograph doesn’t quite do the magnitude of the garden any justice at all. My pathetic phone camera has probably only captured one third of the entire garden. Such a pity.

One Third of Heaven

I Like to be Special
Or so the people from the neighbourhood believe. To express their individuality and creativity (or lack of), home owners often strive to design their houses as differently as possible from the rest of their neighbours. Ironically, with everyone sharing the same mindset, the neighbourhood ends up with such oddities that in a way, do look similar. Don’t ask why there aren’t windows on the sides. We have yet to figure that one out.

Odd house in Brussels

Odd house in Brussels

Odd house in Brussels

The cam whore in me strikes.

Fergs & I on some river ride in Bruges

Pat in Brussels


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