Ling Jie Jie

I am probably the coolest older cousin/aunt any kid can ask for, simply because:

  • Fergs and his friend, Dom, had wanted to get ear piercings and I was more than willing to be their official guardian (you can’t get ear piercings without a guardian if you’re under 16 years old). It was just unfortunate the tattoo palour insisted these fellas are 16 years old and above. If only I have gotten them fake IDs in time.
  • Yes you may have a quick sip of Stella Artois. Just don’t tell your mum, please.
  • I will get you on the VIP list at Ministry of Sound. You’ve just got to wait for a few years more.
  • That nifty trick where you hold a fireball in your palm for 3 seconds using a lighter. I taught you how to do that.
  • I’ll teach you how to style your hair to get the chicks anytime.
  • I’ll pay for your first tattoo. You just have to ensure you’re old enough so that you’re done growing. Don’t want a fucking ugly stretched gecko, do you?

I will so miss the boys. Will be back in Singapore tomorrow. Goodbye, London.

Fergs and Dom

Fergs and Dom


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