A Different Journey

A text message from my aunt’s driver in London earlier, confirming the pick up, made me realize how close I am to my vacation. In three short days, I will be on board a 13-hour direct flight to Heathrow, London. Alone.

This is not the first time I’ve traveled alone. This is not the first time I’ve traveled to London. Yet, it feels different. My suitcase feels lighter.

Home with the McGuires

Fergs and I

Endless river of red wine and champagne. Tantalizing, crispy shrimps sprinkled with slices of juicy honey baked ham. Laughter and joy shared amongst family members in the garden. That particular scent of rosewood soaked in autumn’s tears. A requested attendance with my extended family will also see me in my best behaviour in Brussels over the weekend.

I should feel excited, but I don’t. For the first time ever in my free-spirited life, I wish I have my girlfriend with me for company on this trip.


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