Freitag Freeway Bags

Markus and Daniel Freitag

This is a story about 2 brothers, Markus and Daniel Freitag, a sewing machine, and an army of freeway trucks. In 1993, the brothers designed a Messenger Bag out of old truck tarpaulins, used cycle inner tubes and car seat belts, in the lounge of their shared flat.

How it works

For over ten years now, FREITAG has been producing over 120,000 bags and accessories made from used materials: old truck tarpaulins tanned by exhaust fumes, cycle inner tubes, used seat belts and even used airbags. It’s a shame my girlfriend and I have only discovered the brand today at Actually…. Still, better late than never.

Meet the Freitag Family

I’m at awe with the concept of the product – individual recycled freeway bags that work on the basis of functionality, design, durability and quality. And because used materials are utilized, each product is a unique item. In other words, the FREITAG namecard holder and bag we have bought can never be found in the hands of some GATSBY-ED-TO-DEATH teenager with smudged eyeliner.

If you fancy a FREITAG, you may either purchase online, head down to Actually… if you’re from Singapore, or better yet, design your very own. Watch out though, it’s your fault if your self-designed bag looks like shit. And yes, that’s the cheeky tag line: It’s your fault.

Freitag F-CUT


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