Not an Easy Cure

Singapore was blessed by the presence of one of Alternative Rock’s most definitive bands, The Cure, last night. The frontman, guitarist and primary songwriter Robert Smith, hypnotized the audience with his strangulated vocals, of lyrics battered with such literary despair. It was a not just a rock concert, it was THE performance of one of Alternative Rock’s last remaining legacies.

It was just unfortunate the concert was held in Singapore. We ruined it in so many ways:

1. No Standing
Midnight’s Driver and I found ourselves in the most unforgivable positions in a rock concert – we were forced down and stapled to our seats like the rest of the boring old farts because by standing, we would block their view.

Since when do you fucking go to a rock concert to be a seat warmer?! I’m blocking your view? Fucking stand up and rock on like you’re supposed to! It’s The Cure! Not Diana Krall!  Urgh!!!

I have a valid reason for my outburst. Nothing beats trying to find a space away from our seats, moving from one stairway to another, just for the sake of standing, only to be constantly ticked off by the ushers to return to our seats. The ushers were just doing their jobs, the boring old farts were complaining of us blocking their view.

Even when we returned to our seats, we were not giving the freedom to stand. While moving to Friday I’m in Love, I felt a hand grabbing my left leg. The German bloke beside me had issues with my ass blocking his view, and told me to sit down. Perhaps it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I replied scornfully, “Well I reckon you should return home and listen to the damn CD instead. Pretty much the same thing, isn’t it?

The Cure probably figured the boring old farts would’ve left by the time the encore came on, and thank god for that. The 2 encores delivered were the real meat of the entire letsallsitdownandstartsknitting concert. 7 or 8 songs I reckon. To all those boring assholes that left before the encore, I thank you for doing so.

2. No Lighters in the Air
No smoking and no alcohol are a given, this is Singapore you’re talking about. But since when did the lighters in the air get replaced by digital cameras? Am I that much of an old fart myself who never recovered from my Van Halen era?

Robert Smith LIVE in Singapore

Gen & K

Sure, I’ll probably snap some pictures of Robert Smith like Gen and K did, if I was close enough to notice his open pores. But to be the unofficial photographer for the entire concert? Can’t you just google for images? I’m just glad to know that at least Gen and K took the shots that mattered, and partied on hard.

3. No Head banging, rocker-style
I think the audience from the Rachael Yamagata I attended was far more alive than the zombies from Cure’s concert last night. Fact is, The Cure was phenomenal but unfortunately, they were making love to a dead fish. No head banging, no tit flashing (I would have, but my mood was completely ruined), and of course, no standing.

Midnight’s Driver and I were thrilled to see a woman whisked over the shoulder of a guy (I had wanted Midnight’s Driver to do that to me, but he has a spinal problem), only to frown seconds later when 2 bouncers signaled for the woman to get down.

And you wonder why Singapore gets criticized for being boring.


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