So You Think You’re Andro finals

So You Think You're Andro finals

At least the contestants don’t look like barely-legal young punks loitering outside Burger King at Far East Plaza. I shudder to think how crowded it would be tonight. Better remind myself to park the car far away from the venue; not very glamorous to flaunt the badly scratched car resulted from a most-recent car accident.

If you see a gorgeous and poised chick with milky smooth skin next to me, don’t even think of hitting on her. She’s my cousin and I’m the protective detective bitch-gone-wrong. I promise my fist will land on your face at “hello”.

Apart from that, enjoy yourself. Just don’t hit on my cousin.

Damn. Wish my baby could come (note: Midnight’s Driver, don’t you even start on the pun…).


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