Beliefs that are ingrained within my soul. What’s yours? Do share ’em.

1.  Only you, can lose your own dignity. No one else can take that away from you.

2. Pain is the scholarship God gives you, to priceless emotional lessons you educate yourself with.

3. Karma will come bite you in the ass eventually. Even if it’s 4 years later.

4. Lose with honour than to win by cheating. Except for your GCE ‘O’ Levels Chinese examinations.

5. True friends will hold your hair back while you’re puking your guts out after a drink too many.

6. True friends will also seize the opportunity to take snapshots on their mobile phones to distribute to their friends the next morning.

7. Effective use of social currency generates real cash.

8. Never kiss anyone after eating Coffee Club Express’ garlic prawn pasta.

9. We need stupid people in order to justify why we deserve higher salaries. Be thankful of stupid people. Kiss their toes when you next see them.

10. Never lie if you’d end up hurting someone along the way. Unless that is the whole idea in the first place.

11. You do not deserve to be loved, if you don’t even love yourself.

12. Life has an expiry date. Never take it for granted.

13. Never let anyone take you for a ride, unless it’s on a Harley-Davidson VRSCDX™ Night Rod Special.

14. When you marry a Chinese, you marry his/ her entire family.

15. Make sure you recognize yourself in the mirror every morning.

16.  Never deprive yourself from loving someone because of your cowardice. It is ok to be hurt, in order to taste happiness of that degree.

17. Love is not charity. Don’t expect donations.

18. You are never too smart to learn something from someone else. Even if it’s from the toilet cleaner.

19.  Pride is both an asset and a liability. Balance it well.

20. Never name your child Mervix.


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