Lim Bu + Lim Pei T-shirts

My Parents' T-Shirts

What my parents would’ve worn, during their long-forgotten courtship days. My tribute to my fellow unpolished but ohsoauthentic Ah Bengs and Ah Lians. Those dodgy souvenir stores in Singapore should start selling these instead of the boring Singapore is a fine city ones.

Hers: Lim Bu (pronounced: lee-am boo)
Technically, it means “your mother” in Hokkien, but the females use the term to refer themselves in higher authority. Ok, I’ll be honest. Most ladies won’t even use such a crude term on themselves. But won’t it be so amusing to see a clueless female foreigner clad in this t-shirt? Get one for your new German Heidi Klum lookalike colleague or something.

Lim Bu

His: Lim Pei (pronounced: lee-am pay)
A popular term used by the Chinese men with huge inferiority complexes (and mothers who iron their clothes still at the age of 35) in Singapore to refer themselves. A Hokkien term for “your father”.

Lim Pei

I’ll make them for sale as soon as I get 10 orders and above. SGD39.90 per t-shirt (S/M/L). Free local delivery. Email me if interested.


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