Sole Funny

I awoke to a swollen left foot yesterday morning, and spent a good ten minutes in bed recollecting what the hell had happened the night before. Sure, I was at a party, but I don’t recall dancing like I was in a Jane Fonda’s aerobic class.

I pulled myself out of bed and miraculously managed to, quite literally, limp my way to work. I will regret not taking a cab at some point, but for now, I just regret not being able to wear my heels for the next week or even two. Believe me, such deprivation is a torture for the vertically challenged.

Instead of the Gatsby Moving Rubber Series party at Zouk as well C’s farewell party at Wine Bar where I was supposed to attend, I found myself in my eccentric doctor’s office. I showed her my day-old stinking swollen foot, and within minutes, she diagnosed me with achilles tendonitis. Like always, my conversation with her was injected with such great dose of hilarity.

I’ll put you on steroids, given that you’re just about allergic to anything else more effective…


And I’ll give you gastric pills as well, since I know you’d probably not listen to me and stop smoking and drinking for just 5 days.

(grins) You know me so well.

Ya. But make sure you stop wearing your heels for at least a week.

As though orchestrated, it was at that moment when I received a text message from On Peddar about its 30% storewide discount.

Hey doc, On Peddar has 30% discount leh!

Oh really? Ok, I should go tomorrow.

Yeah, me too.

Well young lady, what did I say about heels?

Hello? 30 PERCENT, y’know…

You’re right. Ok, you can buy in advance, but don’t wear until you get better.

I try, ok?

With that, I limped out of the clinic feeling like I’ve just been on the Ellen Degeneres show.


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