Web Two Point Zero

I retired from traditional advertising this year, to embark on my new journey in new media advertising. Dealing primarily with the Web as the platform for my deliverables, I faced a bevy of technical jargons unheard of in a traditional advertising agency when I first started out.

I was fortunate my former experience in web design enabled me to know that Landscape Assessment doesn’t mean one becomes a Jones Lang LaSalle property advisor. That said, I have to admit there are plenty for me to learn. Try Content Management for a bank, for instance. If that day ever comes for me, I have a strange feeling I’ll be as infamous as Nick Leeson.

You probably heard of Search Engine Optimization, User-generated Content, and the big one: Web 2.0.

I bet on my last pack of cigarettes, 9 out of 10 people from traditional advertising agencies reading this entry have no fucking clue what Web 2.0 is about. Old news, really, but I’ll be lying through my teeth if I say traditional advertising people are the most tech-savvy ones around. Half of them probably need the poor IT guy to set up their MSN Messenger for them.

Thanks to a link from a friend’s blog, I came across a video on YouTube that best explains what Web 2.0 is about in the most idiot-proof way possible. Like a Nokia phone, if you may.

A must-view for all technologically handicapped people. Enjoy.


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