Toca Me Grand Opening: 042807


Funny how life for me was so different just a month and a half ago. I’m not Gwyneth Paltrow and this isn’t an Oscar® moment, so I’d spare you from the 60-second thank-you speech. Let’s just do a 30-second version instead:

Thank you Irene, Ron, Jerm and Ling for believing in me, and letting me be who I am.

Thank you Shu, for being there from Day 1. You showed me what human kindness is all about. You cared so unconditionally, I can only hope I can do the same for you and others.

Thank you Frances, for being you. 🙂

Thank you Carolyn, for your nagging and care for my constantly-neglected health.

Thank you SY, for tolerating the continual whining and bitching for the past month.

Last but not least, thank you Cecil, my top-notch Creative Director, for having written my artist profile in 15 minutes, without a damn brief from me at all. For all curious, he wrote:

Some might call Pat loud, brash and in-your-face. Born premature, spouts Hokkien euphemisms at the drop of a hat and suffering from bipolar depression from time to time, Pat doesn’t live and breathe art, she bleeds art. And like all artists with tortured souls, her best work often emerges when she’s in the throes of emotional upheaval. Never one to rest on her laurels or be satisfied too easily, Pat’s perfectionist pursuits can result in some rather anal tendencies. A rough diamond who’s raw edges will indelibly leave lasting impressions – whether through her art or her passions – on any person she meets.

Thank you.

And oh, say hi if you see me tomorrow.


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