2 Hearts. 1 Soul.

2 Hearts. 1 Soul.

The Client:
New Business Director of a world-leading Advertising Agency (aka not going to be very easy to satisfy)

The Brief:
To develop an appropriate artwork using the Chinese character 心, which means “heart”. The artwork will thereafter serve as a tattoo design for another form of canvas – her body.

The Challenge:

The natural form of the Chinese character 心 is not quite the most visually cooperative nor attractive Chinese character in the dictionary. Its simplicity, 4 strokes in total, will look weak as a standalone tattoo design.

The Solution:
The Chinese character 心 was constructed with deliberately smooth lines, to portray the gentleness of the heart. It then connects itself to an inverted heart, crafted in a tribal manner, to project Passion and Fury the heart holds (and believe me, knowing the Client, she has a lot of passion).  Humans are born with 2 sides that provides the equilibrium of the soul. We can contribute good deeds as much as we can commit the bad. We can be weak as much as we can be strong. And therefore the title; 2 Hearts. 1 Soul.

The Client mentioned her preference for the color Red. Understanding the Asian skin, I know the preferred color does not sit well by itself in ink. Red fades on yellow skin, unfortunately. With that said, I decided it was important to introduce variants of Red and Black tones.

The heart is dynamic. The heart is complicated. The heart holds depth you cannot imagine. And I hope I portrayed that successfully in my design.

Nothing beats seeing the Client satisfied. My first commissioned work, no less. It has been my honour.


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