I Swear to God

I Swear to God

Hey you, what’s up? Look, I know you exist. I know you’re for real. The thing is, I haven’t got the slightest clue which organization you belong to. Should I be a Buddhist? Should I be a Catholic? Should I be a Muslim? Should I be a Pagan?

Does it really matter?

I remember that night when we met. Ok, so we haven’t exactly met and introduced ourselves and exchanged name cards or anything. But I felt you. I heard you. I know it was you.

I still don’t understand what the apparition meant. I’m not sure if you were dabbling with creativity, or the hanging heads of my friends meant something. And to be honest, I thought the white stairs were a little too cliché. Surely you could’ve come up with something more refreshing than that! Seriously, why can’t you just get to the point and tell me what you wanted to say?

I tried looking for you a few times after that night. I thought perhaps the Bible was the answer. Then again, I have issues with knowing that Man selected and filtered information of Truth to be placed in the Bible. Don’t get me wrong, I trust you with all my heart. I just don’t trust Man.

After the Bible, which I still have hidden in my drawer next to my hair dryer, by the way, I moved on to look for you in Taoism, the default religion I was born into because of my parents. I even selected it as my subject matter for my final year project. For weeks, I read religiously (no pun intended) about Lao Tze’s amazing stoical indifference to the powers of the world. The 81 sayings of Tao Te Ching were constantly being played at the back of my head. I visited temples and spoke to Taoist priests. Still, I couldn’t find you. Lao Tze was a great philosopher. But he wasn’t you.

4 years ago, I stole this book called “What Would Buddha Do at Work?” from my ex-Agency’s library and it turned out to be the most enlightening thing I ever did. Truth be told despite the original mischief committed, I felt as though Buddhism would lead me to you. But here’s the problem, there are 28 Buddhas, and in any case, Buddhism is non-theistic. So you’re not supposed to exist.

But I know you’re real. It was you that night.

I swear to God, it was you that night.

I swear to God.


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