By the time the second piece was done, I was mentally drained and barely capable of holding any conversation. The honey-coated skies were turning velvety, and the warmth of the sunlight from a couple of hours ago was turning cold. I was getting moody.

S had her clothes back on, and we were having coffee and biscotti in her kitchen. I think she needed the coffee boost more than I did. I sincerely admire her ability to pose for THAT long. Hell, I can’t even sleep without kicking my dog off my bed. As a matter of fact, a friend who watched me sleep the night before in her car was at awe with my supposed spasms. Heh.

Are you ok with the idea of you lifting your tank top in this manner, while pulling down your underwear like that? I actually did discuss this pose just the night before with a couple of friends, but didn’t expect to execute it.

And how do you expect to sketch me like that such an angle? She laughed, probably guessing that I was trying to pull a fast one on her.

I need you to get on this table. I tapped beside my coffee.

The purpose of this sketch, which I won’t deny being sexual, is to remind everyone of that beautiful view of having a woman on top, in such delicate motion. As she pulls up her tank top with such deliberate delay, and tucks her thumb under the sides of her underwear, you just wish time would speed up a little, no?

Well, so those are the 3 pieces I did on an otherwise mundane Sunday. Life isn’t exactly a bed of roses for me right now, but I suppose when you’ve been to the bottom, the only way is up, isn’t it? I am extremely thankful to certain friends who have showed me what unconditional care is about. You know who you are, I don’t need to mention names. I don’t know if I could do what they have done for me, but I will try. I will try to be a better person.

I will, one day, like what I see in the mirror again.


The other 2:

1. Delirious Thoughts
2. Lazy Legs


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