Lazy Legs

How about we do yours, now? I asked, whilst smoking by her balcony after completing the first painting with such contentment.

Sure! Do you mind if I decide on the pose?

No, go ahead. The painting’s yours, anyway.

I always wanted to have myself curled up like the way I sleep, y’know. And just the view of my legs and…

Your ass, I finished the sentence, perhaps smiling a bit too much.

Yeah, but no face yeah, don’t think I want that.

Ok, not a problem at all.

Looking at the time left, I decided to avoid painting. I was greedy; I wanted more than just one damn painting off her. Pencil and charcoal would suffice so long as I pay enough attention on the shading.

So here you go S, the sketch which I will return to you when I return from Vietnam.

Lazy Legs

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