Run with Me

WORK-IN-PROGRESS: Run with MeYou are only as good as your last painting.

I hold this aphorism very closely to my heart. People are not going to remember what I did last decade, last month, last week, or even yesterday. They will only remember what I’ve done, only just. That’s just human nature.

Which is why I’m pretty nervous about your comments towards this painting. Of all times to attempt dry watercolor technique (one of which I have not attempted since I was 9 years old), I have to choose this painting. My first painting. Tell me I’m not stupid.

I have been meaning to paint for a while now, but haven’t quite got to it. Today was special. I suppose I just feel I needed to paint again.

I feel the world closing in on me again. It is a peculiar feeling I can’t quite explain. I am happy, don’t get me wrong. Hell, what’s there not to be happy about with what I have right now? I just feel a little jaded. I suppose too much Johnnie Walker does that to you. I want to run away. Would you run with me?

Excuse my lack of a decent creative rationale behind this inaugural art piece for the year; the last time I wrote one for my paintings, I was still wearing a secondary school uniform. Thought I’d leave you with this self-penned poem instead.

A tear
The lack of happiness
Of the betrayal of such
The addiction to comfort
Or when love becomes too much

A smile
The result of sweat
Of the expression of relief
The act of pretense
Or when memory fails to retrieve

A cry
The submission to desperation
Or the denial against reality
The refusal to accept
Or when the eyes start to bleed

A laugh
The engineered victory
Of the manufactured sin
The survival against all odds
Or when evil creeps from within

Run with me now
Before they awake
Run with me now
I’ll take you to another place

Run with me now
Before our heroes die
Run with me now
Happiness, perhaps we shall find

The final piece will be posted by end-tomorrow. My scanner broke down since 2 years back, and I’ve been relying on my digital and phone cameras to take lousy low-resolution shots. As such, I’d need to sneak in earlier to the office to scan the final piece properly.

Daddy, get me a scanner for my birthday ok? $200 can buy one liao. Thank you in advance. And no, I’m not shy.


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