Creating the WRONG image

Creating the WRONG image 

Both the Agency and Client behind PaperOne™ latest outdoor campaign oughta be shot in the head for their distasteful art direction. Yes, I agree product reflection treatment used on products such as La Mer’s latest anti-aging range, BMW’s elegant 7 Series, Prada’s sleek leather shoes, and whatnot, can help project a better sense of premiumness in terms of branding. But PaperOne™ is not La Mer, BMW, or Prada. It is just fucking office paper. It cost like what, $4 per pack? A pair of Prada shoes cost over a grand. Seriously, how premium did they expect themselves to be? Office paper is office paper is office paper!

When they claim to be of “world-class premium quality” in their website, I couldn’t help but think, “Is there an international office paper contest amongst all office paper brands all over the world which had accredited them as world-class? Or is it self-proclaimed?” Imagine seeing this on your newspapers tomorrow: CALL FOR ENTRIES: PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR PAPER TO BE IN THE RUNNING FOR THE WORLD’S BEST OFFICE PAPER AWARD. Crap.

The predominant problem I have with this completely unintelligent outdoor campaign is how, evidently, the product reflection treatment was forced upon the product. Sure, the Law states that we are only allowed to cover 25% of trains’ glass windows, and hence, the background was probably removed. Still, should the product reflection be affixed at all in the first place?

At risk of sounding judgemental, it appears like a classic case of the weary Agency giving up on arguing with the adamant weknowitallbecausewepayyou Client and just doing whatever the latter wants. If this is actually a case of the Agency proposing such an execution, then well, they should be bloody executed.

I sure hope it wasn’t the same Agency that coined the name of the company that owns PaperOne™ – APRIL. It actually stands for Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited (APRIL). They have conveniently dropped the “H” from the word “Holdings”, which as we know, is grammartically incorrect. But then again, we aren’t expecting them to be too smart, are we?

Anyone know who’s the Agency?   


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