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blankanvas has moved.

To serve you better. I don’t count on you to be bothered to change the new address to your Blogroll, but if you do, thank you. To those who have emailed me asking me about the shutting down of my blog, thank you for your concern, I’m flattered, really. I hope you like the new […]



Some might call Pat loud, brash and in-your-face. Born premature, spouts Hokkien euphemisms at the drop of a hat and suffering from bipolar depression from time to time, Pat doesn’t live and breathe art, she bleeds art. And like all artists with tortured souls, her best work often emerges when she’s in the throes of emotional upheaval. Never one to rest on her laurels or be satisfied too easily, Pat’s perfectionist pursuits can result in some rather anal tendencies. A rough diamond who’s raw edges will indelibly leave lasting impressions – whether through her art or her passions – on any person she meets.

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